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Kiminva and Kimeira are not really the 8th Vocaloid 5 Sonai KYOPoid is the 8th.
I colored this one. :)
By: Kirara
He is the new devil after his father ,Tsana Hirasawa and rules over the souls killed after death.
She is a fifteen year old Quincy clan member. She has dedicated her life to protect the devil's daughter Ukagi Hirasawa.
Photoshop image description 16915
I drew This Free Handed No Cheat Nor Video.
I REALLY want to draw more pictures using this kind of style! :DDD It's so soft and bright. x3 It was so easy to draw too. ^^ ♥
A design for one of the guys in the game-- this is completely unofficial. What he is saying: Waaaa s-sure y-you don't want it... (the lollipop)
my drawings of naruto characters
Voca-Star Chorus: A lolita Miki
Jake and Samantha are my two characters of my fantasy story Red Water. My friend, who has read it already, was fangirling about them and asked me if I could draw them together. So I did. ;D The drawing isn't perfect - there's still a lot of things that I could do better, but I'm still proud of the end results. And there's always a next time, right? :) You can read Red Water here:
My oc, a wolf hybrid-lady. Feel free to use the character. I accept free art request tools: drawing pen 0.1mm, mechanical pencil and faber castell color pencil
Soldier 1941.
:) Just being bored
Shiori from The World God Only Knows
Yeah, that thing's a gun... Um, by the way guys, do you need permission to upload an image at your club? For instance, the katekyo Hitman Reborn club? Thanks, see U guys later. :)
This is a Jack spicer free Lineart anyone is free to use It
Sneak peek of a little anime I'm working on!!! :DD It's a lot of hard work especially because I can't work on it on weekdays because of homework. ^^;; I'm working on episode 1 right now, and i'm not even HALFWAY done. But once I release it, I'll make sure to spread the word! :) Oh yeah. And I FINALLY got a tablet!! :D
This is trial monochromatic painting after almost 1 and a half years of not using my tablet. Had to practice my raw skills and now i am ready to go digital again.
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