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Blasting Art Inc. is an online drawing and art community for artists to Draw Online share, browse, upload, download, rate, comment, vote, fav, sell, purchase etc art and artworks with lots of lots of entertainment stuff.

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Blasting Art is the only online Art Community which offers Free Online Drawing / Photoshop and a great place for all sorts of artists, Designers, Photographers etc.
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Right now Blasting Art is filled with Anime Art and Anime artists, Hundreds of awesome anime artists under one site makes us one of the best anime art networks....

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Blasting Art is the only Online Art community which gives you Video Streaming for Video Artists, Art Gallery System, Online Photoshop / Drawing for Online Drawers, a great social friends networking system where you not only just come for art but also to get together with your friends.
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a little animal i made up when i was little
By: akuir
My favorite anime couple of all time. x33 ♥ I wanted to do a quick sketch, so this drawing is kinda, ah, crappy. One day I'll get a tablet...♥ Oh yeah, and if you're REALLY an anime fan, you'll check out this page and like it!! :) Pleaseee!!!!!!!! ♥ :DD If you do, you're amazing and you definately love anime! :) Most specifically HOT ANIME GUYS. ;D
This game is friggin' awesome. >:D Seriously, if you haven't played any of the Bloody Roar games, you're missing out BIG TIME. Primal Fury is (IMO) the best while the 4th game was just awful... Anyways, this is a cross between my character AMP, and two other characters from the game (Uriko and Shina). :3 It's a shame Hudson Entertainment shut down before they could make the 5th game. :( I hope this game someday makes a comeback. ♥ PS, I LOVE SHENLONG!!!!! ( >V<)/) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
this is my Avatar on IMVU <3 took forever to find the right stuff to look like my Oc <3
By: kikiri
i do not own anything.......but the changes are mine this is a character from a game called Defense Of The Ancients DOTA Warcraft he is the 2nd transformation in warcraft3,he is a prisoner under the privelage of nightelves the for over 10,000 years he is a brother of furion one of the guradian of nightelves
Sometimes Farming Can Be Fun :) Srry if it looks bad :/ i draw with a mouse *I DO NOT OWN HARVEST MOON*
A request I got on YouTube... I need to learn how to draw A.S.A.P
By: cassie
By: cassie
This is a VOCALOID and.. YouTube video: i finish making it.. this was drawn using gimp. My DA:
First full body sketch
hmmm..... some of my artworks from a local artsite
On the RateMyDrawing account that I share this is the avatar-chara-whatever the word is! RMD link:
This is a guy who loves rock. I love to rock~!! :D He's my third boy i had drawn. ^^
I'm a beginner at this.^^ This is actually the first time i have draw a boy on thee computer~! ^^ This is a birthday gift for my friend.^^ I have discovered and i'm good. :p
I'm improving so far~!! :D She's a neko princess.^^ HA~!! I'm still discovering materials of Blasting Art.
The image for a project I'm working, with the background video link:http:
who likes triple baka like pls!
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